Australia vs Canada: crypto match!

The FIFA Women’s World Cup match between Canada and Australia will take place today. Have you placed your bets yet? In any case, I hope this entertains you. As a football fan, but more of a crypto investor, I became interested: what is the situation of the crypto markets of these countries. Therefore, this feature article will tell you about interesting crypto projects in Australia and Canada. Let’s see who is the leader in this industry?


Australia in general can be proud of its unicorns: such projects as Canva, SafetyCulture, Airwallex originate from there. For me, the crypto climate of Australia seems to be positive, you can assess the development of the Australian blockchain ecosystem from the picture (I found it on the Internet, thanks to the author!). You can stay on it in more detail, but I want to quickly move on to the most exciting part for the investor – crypto projects with their own tokens.

Australian blockchain ecosystem

Immutable X (IMX)

Immutable X (IMX) token

Yup, they’re from Australia. Immutable X is the first decentralized technology that enhances the scaling of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Ethereum’s Layer 2. This groundbreaking protocol enables projects to create NFTs with ease on Layer 2 Ethereum, offering a remarkable experience for developers and users alike. With instant trading, remarkable scalability, and no gas fees for minting and trading, Immutable X prioritizes the security of users and assets.

Utilizing StarkWare’s impressive STARK prover and rollup technology, Immutable X stands as the most advanced NFT scaling solution ever built. It ensures that NFT users and developers can enjoy both the security and network benefits of Ethereum while providing a phenomenal experience for their users.

The IMX token, which is an ERC-20 utility token, was specifically designed to reward activities that support the Immutable X network, including trading, providing liquidity, and developing applications. By aligning incentives between traders, creators, and marketplaces, all participants can reap the benefits of protocol activity.

Power Ledger (POWR)

Power Ledger (POWR) token

Power Ledger is an energy trading platform that enables direct trading between buyers and sellers, bypassing the need for a centralized power company. Users can sell their excess energy production to others on the platform and also purchase energy directly from peers, resulting in financial benefits and affordable energy access.

By utilizing a permissioned blockchain, Power Ledger can effectively implement and expand energy projects worldwide, handling over 50,000 transactions per second since transitioning to Solana from Ethereum. This scalable technology ensures fast, transparent, and secure transactions, while the blockchain’s features enhance secure trading, settlement risk mitigation, and provide an immutable and verifiable audit trail.

An exciting partnership in 2021 involved Carlton United Breweries, who teamed up with Power Ledger to launch the VB Solar Exchange program. This initiative allows participants to monitor and trade their surplus solar energy for VB beer, creating a unique and sustainable energy exchange experience.

Oxen (OXEN)

Oxen (OXEN) token

That’s an interesting case! As government and corporate surveillance capabilities continue to grow, projects like Oxen are working towards providing average individuals with access to robust encryption technologies. Oxen offers a range of privacy-oriented products for various needs, including trading, communication, and web browsing.

The Oxen team has developed two powerful applications, namely Session and Lokinet, which showcase the capabilities of their service node network. Session is a decentralized messaging app that ensures secure and anonymous communication through onion-routing and end-to-end encryption.

Lokinet, on the other hand, is a high-speed onion-routing protocol designed to offer anonymous internet access. Unlike other onion-routers, Lokinet can seamlessly run in the background of any web browser, providing a user experience similar to VPNs rather than Tor.

OXEN cryptocurrency is an instant transaction privacy coin, offering complete fungibility. This means that OXEN coins cannot be traced, nor can specific coins be blacklisted by centralized entities.


All in all, Australia is great! How is Canada doing? First, I noticed that the information field in Canada is a little narrower than in Australia: it was more difficult to find interesting authors and communities. Does it say anything? Not a fact, the legal environment of Canada in relation to Cryptocurrency has a pleasant difference: the legal authorities maintain a fairly clear relationship with companies (the source). Well, let’s take a look at Canada’s crypto projects.


Aircoins token

Aircoins is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to all, including those who are new to cryptocurrency. By combining cryptocurrency with augmented reality, mobile gaming, and digital advertising, they offer an innovative way for investors to engage with their platform. This makes Aircoins the ideal destination for beginners looking to learn more about cryptocurrency in an enjoyable and interactive manner. Aircoins offers the following features:

  1. Their mobile app allows users to collect digital coins in augmented reality based on their geographical location. These coins are rewarded based on a proof of effort algorithm.
  2. For marketers, Aircoins provides a cutting-edge advertising solution through their digital medium. Brands can showcase 3D AR ads to users, creating a futuristic and immersive way to enhance brand awareness.

I can’t say that this token is popular, but I like the idea. Otherwise, I did not find more worthy tokens, although I learned about some rather interesting projects.


I hope this was interesting, an experimental column for me, if it gets a response, I’ll be happy to write more in this style. In any case, it’s already great that the that the 2023 FIFA Women’s Cup Canada vs Australia pushed me into this research. If any of the coins you liked, you can exchange them with Droidex. It analyzes several decentralized exchanges at once and shows you the offer with the best conditions. Bye!