$BRUSH token and PaintSwap extraordinary NFTs

Introduction to Brush Token

BRUSH Token is a cryptocurrency that acts as a protocol token used to run the PaintSwap ecosystem. It is the powerhouse behind PaintSwap, used for governance, NFTs, and in-game perks! Brush can be obtained more as rewards from staking and farming. 

Use-cases of Brush: 

$BRUSH token is used for governance, NFT marketplace transactions, in-game purchases, and various activities within the PaintSwap ecosystem on the Fantom Opera Network.

BRUSH is used to pay for listings and creating collections on the NFT Marketplace & creating contracts via the NFT Factory. As well as required for minting on the community contract. 50% of the marketplace fees go to buy back and burn BRUSH.

BRUSH is also utilized as the in-game token for Estfor Kingdom the award-winning game from the PaintSwap team. BRUSH is used to buy items from the in-game shop, of which 25% is burned, 25% goes to the DAO and 50% goes to the in-game treasure. The in-game treasure is used for players to earn BRUSH by selling their items (NFTs) back to the in-game shop.

Clans within Estfor Kingdom also utilize BRUSH with creation and upgrades costs, 25% is burned, 50% to the treasure, and the remaining 25% goes to the DAO. BRUSH Bazaar royalties go to the clan territories, as well.

Clan names and player Names are the same as clan creation and upgrades with 25% of every purchase is burned, 50% feeds the treasure, and the remaining 25% goes to the development fund.

The Wishing Well also utilizes BRUSH by allowing players to donate to the well in return for a temporary XP boost, 100% of this goes to the treasure pool.

Evolving a hero in Estfor Kingdom also uses BRUSH this is split 25% to the treasure and 75% to the development fund.

Finally the NFT royalties from secondary marketplace sales from Estfor Kingdom collections of 3%. 2% of this goes to buy BRUSH and add it to the in-game treasure fund and 1% goes to the DAO.

What are the benefits of holding $BRUSH tokens?

Users benefit from $BRUSH through rewards and in-game advantages. Holding $BRUSH tokens can provide opportunities for governance participation and access to various features within the PaintSwap ecosystem. 

1. Governance participation

2. NFT marketplace access

3. Creating collections on the NFT Marketplace

4. Minting on the community contract

5. In-game purchases in Estfor Kingdom

6. Buying items from the in-game shop

7. Earning rewards through in-game activities

8. Clan creation and upgrades

9. Contribution to the development fund

10. Temporary XP boosts from the Wishing Well

How to get $BRUSH Token?

To get $BRUSH tokens, you can participate in the PaintSwap ecosystem on the Fantom Opera Network. You can earn $BRUSH tokens through activities like, staking, farming, governance participation, NFT marketplace transactions, in-game purchases, and contributing to the development fund. Additionally, you can buy $BRUSH tokens from cryptocurrency exchanges that support the token.

Additionally, BRUSH can be staked in paintswap pool, or added as LP on SpookySwap and added to BRUSH-FTM farm to earn even more BRUSH! Other BRUSH-FTM farms exist on SpookySwap, BeethovenX. For autocompounders, Beefy has the BRUSH-FTM farm from Spookyswap.

What’s the Future of Brush Token?

The future of $BRUSH token is promising as it continues to be an integral part of the PaintSwap platform on the Fantom Opera Network, offering various utilities such as governance participation, NFT marketplace transactions, and in-game purchases. With the growing ecosystem and user adoption, the demand for $BRUSH tokens may increase, potentially leading to further development and enhancements within the platform.