How to Convert Ethereum to Saitama

Want to know how to convert Ethereum to Saitama? Our full guide is ready to help you, providing you with all the crucial details: what Ethereum and Saitama are, whether there are any key differences between the cryptocurrencies, and why it’s worth swapping through the Droidex exchange platform. So read carefully, and let’s get to it!

What is Ethereum?

How to Convert Ethereum to Saitama

Before moving to the main question – how to convert Saitama to Ethereum and vice versa – let’s take a closer look at the basics. Below you’ll find all the necessary information about both Ethereum and Saitama, as well as a comparison table with the key differences.

So, Ethereum, the so-called World Computer, is a platform that allows us to create decentralized applications (DApps) using smart contracts – the pieces of code that automatically take a given action, according to certain requirements. Bitcoin, a true market giant, also has smart contracts, but Ethereum makes them easier to use because they’re built into the system itself.

Everything happens in a blockchain, which is also used in Bitcoin. The blockchain serves as an open ledger – it records everything that happens on the network in real-time. Blockchain, as well as the Ethereum network, is distributed across thousands of computers (or nodes) around the world. A special language is used to create smart contracts – that’s why blockchain’s contracts can handle most computational functions, and they can be quite complex in structure.

Let’s have a look at a great example. We want to send a colleague Jordan a certain amount of money. We register this contract in the blockchain between us, and the Ethereum network automatically transfers the money. Since blockchain is an open ledger, anyone can see this transaction.

You’ve probably heard that Bitcoin is a kind of an anonymous currency since people are identified by cryptographic addresses. The same works Ethereum: if Jordan or we decide to use our accounts on the network, no user will know who made the transaction – they’ll see that at some point a transaction of X amount was made.

With the Etherscan tool (or GasTracker for ETC), you can also view all the transactions or history of a particular user on the Ethereum network at any time.

What is Saitama?

What is Saitama?

Saitama is a community-driven platform that aims to find solutions to educate the rising generation of investors, as well as make digital assets safe and easy for everyone.

According to the white paper, it primarily focuses on Generation Z investors, 93% of whom are annoyed or confused when they turn to finance.

Saitama provides such investors with the required material that expands their knowledge of how money works while they make investments, thereby giving wealth creation opportunities.

To achieve everything it’s seeking, Saitama is developing a strategy to create its own ecosystem, including a smart wallet, a multi-channel content platform, an NFT-based launchpad, and a trading floor.

Who’s behind Saitama, you may ask? As with most meme coins, the founder of Saitama is incognito. Again, the white paper says it was released by its creator in 2021, but eventually, they had to give up ownership of the project for privacy reasons.

However, a group of people who discovered Saitama’s value and impact overshadowed the project and continued its development. Currently, it’s led by a crypto YouTuber with more than 66,000 subscribers – they can boast lots of collaborations with numerous people who are popular on the project site.

If we speak about the platform’s features, the situation is the following: compared to a few meme coins, Saitama undertakes to present the ecosystem that makes its own token valuable. SaitaMask, its smart wallet, makes cryptocurrency easy for both beginners and experienced crypto enthusiasts and allows them to track investments and link them to the NFT store, as well as to education and trading platforms.

SaitaMarket is this ecosystem’s trading platform that allows community members to purchase services and goods. SaitaMaker, in turn, is an NFT-based Saitama startup platform that helps users create and release projects on the basis of SAITAMA.

The Saitama Edutainment project will become a multi-channel content platform with a variety of content formats, offering knowledge about savings, investments, money management, and wealth creation opportunities.

Ethereum vs. Saitama

As we’ve promised, here’s a comparison table of ETH and SAITAMA with their main differences – let’s have a look at them:

Creation date20142021
Capitalization$408 trillion$100,000 trillion

So how to buy Saitama with Ethereum?

So how to buy Saitama with Ethereum?

If you’re willing to convert Ethereum to Saitama, we recommend you choose a smart Droidex aggregator and use our small step-by-step instructions – it’ll definitely help you to avoid all the possible mistakes and problems:

  1. First of all, you need to visit Droidex’s official website and click “Start Swap”.
smart dex aggregator
  1. Next, choose the Ethereum blockchain, if you want to swap Ethereum to Saitama.
Ethereum to Saitama
  1. Select tokens – ETH and SAITAMA.
ETH to SAITAMA tokens
  1. After that, enter the number of tokens – let it be 5. Then, tap “Connect Wallet”.
connect ETH wallet
  1. Connect the wallet – for example, MetaMask.
connect metamask
  1. Once you’ve connected the wallet, press the button “Swap”.
swap eth
  1. Finally, click “Confirm Swap”.
confirm eth swap
  1. That’s it! Get your tokens!


Now, you’ve learned everything you need about ETH and SAITAMA to start swapping tokens securely and profitably: what Ethereum and Saitama are and how the platforms work, what are the key differences between the cryptocurrencies, how to swap Saitama to Ethereum and vice versa, and so on. Just bear in mind that in the event you forgot something critical, you can always come back to our full guide and refresh your memory – Droidex is always happy to see you and provide you with all the required info. So swap wisely and thank you for reading!