How to swap BAT

Have you ever thought about how advertising on the Internet works? In most cases, costly and not always reliable intermediaries are involved in such a process. Blockchain technologies not only helped to solve this problem but also increased the impact of the interaction between users, publishers, and advertisers. Today, we’ll tell you what the Basic Attention Token and the Brave browser are, how they work, and where it’s possible to exchange BAT. Let’s get started!

What is a BAT coin?

What is a BAT coin?

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a token that was created based on Ethereum unique technology. This token is used to obtain direct access to a wide variety of advertising services, as well as platforms and tools that are designed to attract the attention of users on the Brave. It’s a relatively new but already well-established blockchain-based digital advertising system.

At its core, BAT is a financial reward for a user’s time and attention to view any advertising messages. Respectively, we can say that this token is equal to a certain number of ads a person viewed through the relevant browser. Users who publish any content and view ads in any form will be rewarded with a Basic Attention Token. It’s most important to note that such a reward works only within this system, and the tokens will be credited for the views of advertising exactly in the browser Brave.

The developers have plans to create a special, unique system that will prevent any trackers’ attempts to the actions of users on the Internet. If the user decides to watch ads or commercials, their behavior and actions on the network can be tracked (with their full consent), using the Brave browser. They’ll be rewarded with BAT tokens, too. Also, one of the features is that users will only see ads that can be generated based on their actions within the browser.

basic attention token

This ecosystem will consist of publishers, users, and advertisers. The operation of the Basic Attention Token system is extremely simple, yet unique and revolutionary in that users have never before been paid to see ads. So, if we take a closer look at the mechanism of BAT, its principle becomes absolutely clear – advertisers buy tokens in order to draw users’ attention to their product and pay publishers for their services. Publishers, in turn, plan to accept payments in tokens and then exchange them for real money.

Users can watch ads and get a certain amount of BAT tokens for that if they wish. However, it’s necessary to mention that you can use this browser for free. The undoubted advantage of Brave is a wide range of tools and a lot of settings – for example, pay-per-view advertising is disabled by default, as well as the advertising itself. This is the uniqueness of the browser because there are absolutely no ads until the user wants to see some.

So, what is a Basic Attention Token? Actually, it’s a token that was released to be used as a means of payment within the Brave browser. According to the idea of the project’s development team, all users get the ability to disable advertisements while using the Internet.

How BAT works

How BAT works

The principle of operation is very unusual and unique. To use the cryptocurrency Basic Attention Token, it’s necessary to access a special internal browser, which is called Brave. The peculiarity of this coin is that it can be obtained only within this system and only through this browser. Here’s where the really interesting part comes: if users think that the Brave browser will save them from annoying ads, they’re wrong. However, the whole point is that the ad-viewing options are customizable. The advertiser pays for the ads, as well as the traffic, and the users get BAT for the views. If users don’t want to see any ads, they can pay with BAT coins not to be shown the ads. The advertising platforms will earn tokens equivalent to the volume of their traffic. This should motivate them to produce better content to attract new visitors.

Actually, everything is pretty straightforward – like everywhere else, there are multiple ads. However, in any other browser, the user will get nothing but a waste of their time if they see advertisements. In this case, using the Brave browser, they’ll be rewarded. That is, everyone gets what they need. Advertisers get targeted ads, and users get a reward in the form of BAT currency.

But where does the advertising appear on this platform? The thing is that the developers are actively cooperating with all advertisers and are always open to new proposals and ideas on their part. It means that we get a targeted cryptocurrency Basic Attention Token, which is designed for the internal market on this platform and exists to pay for promotional products. Payment for advertising products, in this case, should be interpreted as both ad views and complete rejection of the offered advertising products.

In short – here, all users receive a financial reward for the views of advertisements.

How to exchange BAT?

How to exchange BAT?

Want to make a BAT swap? Here’s a small step-by-step guide on how you can exchange the tokens, using our smart Droidex aggregator – just follow all the instructions accurately, and any of your transactions will be definitely completed successfully.

1. Firstly, visit Droidex’s official website and click “Start Swap”.

Visit Droidex
Binance Smart Chain

2. Then, choose Binance Smart Chain, if you want to swap BAT tokens.

swap BAT

3. Select tokens – for instance, BAT and BNB.

connect bat wallet

4. Once you’ve done it, enter the number of tokens – let it be 500. After that, press “Connect Wallet”.

connect wallet

5. Next, connect the wallet – for example, MetaMask.

swap bat

6. Tap “Swap”.

confirm bat swap

7. Finally, click “Confirm Swap”.

  1. That’s it! Get your tokens!
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Now, you’ve got all the crucial details about the BAT token – what it is, how this system works, and where it’s better to swap Basic Attention Token. Just keep in mind that you can always come back to our article and refresh your memory with all the necessary info – don’t worry if you’ve faced some difficulties. We sincerely hope our guide was beneficial no matter who you are – an advertiser, a crypto fan, or just an Internet user. Thank you for reading!